With Arts education in America weakening and funding cuts from the National Endowment for the Arts occurring year after year, Clementina will not stand by idly while the children of our nation face an academic future devoid of the Arts.


To combat this, Kid+Contemporary was formed. Working primarily with urban schools and afters programs, Clementina takes children of all class structures who have been deprived of the arts on tours of prestigious private collections locally or even nationally. When our founder is on a trip in another state, for example, he will sometimes go as far as attempting to expose a small group of children to a private collection over lunch with its creator.


Partnering with the Brant Foundation, The Clementina Arts Foundation has worked to give over 200 children the opportunity to experience a state tour of one of the most important private art collections in the world. Paired with a creative workshop, these tours serve not only to help children learn about a particular artist, but also to facilitate the exploration of creative learning.


Each tour ends with a dialogue, discussing the importance and accessibility of supporting the Arts, empowering children not only as creative beings but also as powerful players in the future of the art world.