Our Mission

Our mission is to uplift and empower our community by supporting emerging artists’ careers from the studio-level to the museum-level, both locally and internationally.

CAF will fund three crucial programs, with three distinct objectives:

  • To engage students in contemporary art and creative expression through the Kid Contemporary Program.
  • To grant studio space to emerging artists by partnering with landlords who have vacancies through the Sprouting Spaces Program.
  • To give back at its own reach to museums through Special Situation Funding.

The Clementina Arts Foundation (CAF) is a newly formed arts non-profit currently undergoing 501(c)(3) status.


Who is Clementina?

Clementina was the name of the founder’s grandmother and is the middle name of his young daughter, Chloe Clementina Alvarez. Mr. Alvarez was born in Greenwich then sent to live with his grandmother from the time he was three months old until age 12. They lived in a low-income community on the outskirts of Medellin, Colombia. Though having the means to live in a more affluent neighborhood, Alvarez’s grandmother found more wealth in elevating a poor community than she did in money itself. He spent his days helping build community hand-in-hand with this magnificent woman as she stewarded positive change through leadership and empathy. After she passed, Alvarez is still inspired by the memory of his grandmother, her talent, and her actions — and borrows from those rich experiences to build community through the Arts.