the hour

Ben Quesnel turns an abandoned mail truck into an interactive experience with his new art installation Undelivered at Wilton River Park Shopping Center Sprouting Spaces.

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Stamford Advocate

CAF Sprouting Spaces launch party congratulates Ben Quesnel on winning the free studio space. He has presented a coherent and well conceived proposal for his yet-to-be realized installation Undelivered, which features a strong plan for community participation.

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Wilton Bulletin

Ben Quesnel has been awarded a free studio space for a year in the Wilton River Park Shopping Center through the CAF Sprouting Spaces program.


Stamford Advocate

Excited to see our Director and Founder featured in the Stamford Advocate for recognizing his innovative philanthropic work in arts culture. What began as a responsibility to our mission statement at the Alvarez Gallery has been spun-off on its own as a separate entity dedicated to growing community through the arts.