Photo Courtesy: Louvre

Photo Courtesy: Louvre

Special Situation Funding

Clementina believes in the power of arts in building community and empowering people—fully!

Drawing upon Clementina’s values, the Foundation will give back at its own reach to museums or will otherwise structure ways to get others to fund them. Museums are incredibly important to the careers of artists and in turn give back greatly to the community in the form of empowering people of all ages.

Struck by the accomplishment of the founder of CAF’s young art gallery, Sir Nicolas Serota of the Tate Museum and Outset called upon Alvarez to assume the mantle of leadership for what was then called the Tate Frieze Acquisition Fund. For over a year, Alvarez worked on creating awareness and obtaining commitments for the fund in order to support this important program, which purchased art from the Frieze Art Fair for the Tate’s permanent collection, all while giving opportunities to young and emerging curators and artists to work with the world’s most important museum. Alvarez managed the effort until Frieze Art Fair sold a stake in its company to Ari Emanuel of William Morrison Endeavor (WME), who requested that his foundation manage the Fund.

If you have a special opportunity for us to continue our work in building community through your platform and would like for us to share it with our board and collectors, feel free to contact us below.

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